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Sep 23 AT 9:04 PM Sean Riley 42 Comments

Bend test: Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Unless you’ve managed to avoid the Internet entirely today, I’m certain you’ve seen at least a couple reports of the iPhone 6 Plus being surprisingly vulnerable to bending. A video from Unbox Therapy is the extreme example that is getting the most attention, but there are reports from many users that after carrying the iPhone 6 ... Read More »

Jul 15 AT 2:37 PM Dustin Earley 20 Comments

Three of the top five best selling smartphones are made by Samsung

If you ever any doubts about Samsung and Apple’s leadership in smartphone sales so far this year, let them end now. According to a new report of out Counterpoint Technology Market Research, the two companies are still leading the pack when it comes to mobile phone sales, with Samsung making three of the top five best ... Read More »


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