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Mar 28 AT 10:32 AM Anthony Domanico 34 Comments

HTC to make an iPod Touch competitor?

PatentBolt has gotten their hands on a new HTC device design which indicates that HTC might be working on a competitor to Apple’s iPod Touch. HTC filed a patent back in early 2011 for a “handheld electronic device” which makes no reference to cellular bandwidths, essentially ruling out the possibility of the device being a ... Read More »

htc patent Image via: Patent Bolt
Sep 27 AT 7:37 PM Edgar Cervantes 33 Comments

Samsung announces pricing and availability for Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Players in the US – iPod Touch killers?

We hear about new 10-inch tablets and Android smartphones every day, but Samsung has something different for us this time. Yesterday afternoon, Samsung officially announced the pricing and availability for three devices that we have been awaiting for some months now in the US. These are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, ... Read More »

samsung galaxy tab 8.9
May 02 AT 9:49 AM Edgar Cervantes 11 Comments

Samsung launches Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0

Smartphones have majorly changed the way we deal with daily matters and these devices have even become a necessity for many of us, but there are those that simply don’t need such a strong phone and would prefer a WiFi-only device to use as a PDA/multimedia device. Finding a good “phoneless smartphone” is not an ... Read More »

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