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Nov 18 AT 9:56 AM Nick Gray 7 Comments

Motorola Mobility shareholders give Google acquisition vote of approval

Motorola Mobility’s shareholders have voted, and they gave the Googorola deal two thumbs up. Motorola Mobility released a statement this morning, revealing that 99 percent of the 74 percent of shares represented at a Special Meeting of Stockholders voted in favor of the Google and Motorola Mobility acquisition agreement, which would give current shareholders $40.00 ... Read More »

Aug 05 AT 2:03 PM Dustin Earley 39 Comments

If MOTOKORE replaces MOTOBLUR, will people still hate it?

A simple name tied to a popular company has made its way on to the Internet today, and it’s causing quite a stir. The name is KORE and the company it’s tied to is Motorola.

Appearing online in many different URL configurations, the name MOTOKORE is clearly very important to Motorola. As usual, speculation has ... Read More »


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Feb 28 AT 8:50 PM Taylor Wimberly 22 Comments

Motorola to become a more software-centric company, offer webtop application on all high-end smartphones

Motorola’s webtop application, which turns a smartphone into a desktop-like PC experience, will be coming to their entire high-end smartphone portfolio in the second half of this year, according to a presentation by CEO Sanjay Jha at a Morgan Stanley technology conference this week.

Jha pointed out a number of acquisitions and license agreements that ... Read More »

Jan 07 AT 4:12 PM Taylor Wimberly 7 Comments

Watch the full Motorola CES 2011 event

Motorola Mobility stomped the competition at this year’s CES by announcing several dual-core phones and the first Honeycomb tablet. If you got some to kill and want to see Sanjay Jha announce the Atrix 4G, Droid Bionic, Cliq 2 and XOOM then check out the video after the jump.