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Jan 12 AT 1:58 PM Dima Aryeh 1 Comment

Google app code reveals possible future features

Google is a fantastic app due to the included Google Now functionality, a feature many people have become reliant on. It offers information when you need it often without you having to even ask. And with every update, the app gets better. However, Google engineers usually hide indications of future features in the code, and ... Read More »

Google Search

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Aug 08 AT 1:49 PM Dustin Earley 18 Comments

Google releases faster, simpler, more refined search for Android

Back before Google did Android, GMail and Google+, the company did search. They did search so well, nobody really searches for anything online anymore; they Google it. Fortunately, Google’s search-based bloodline has carried over to Android where, of course, Google is offering the best web-search experience in all the mobile landscape. This experience has been ... Read More »