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Mar 20 AT 9:34 PM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

Google is testing a smart lock that knows if you’re touching your phone

Google is rolling out a new smart lock security feature called “on-body detection”. The feature uses your phone’s accelerometer to keep your phone unlocked if it’s in your pocket or your hand. Set it down, however, and the phone will lock itself with your preferred locking method. It’s an intelligent feature that saves ... Read More »

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Jan 19 AT 2:46 PM Sean Riley 0 Comments

Samsung will continue to partner with BlackBerry, no purchase plans

Last week we brought you a Reuters report that Samsung was considering a purchase of BlackBerry. Samsung quickly quashed those rumors, but it didn’t elaborate.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, Samsung Co-CEO J.K. Shin provided some clarification on the company’s relationship with BlackBerry going forward. It doesn’t involve an acquisition, however; Samsung ... Read More »

Nov 26 AT 9:45 AM Sean Riley 4 Comments

PureVPN App Review

PureVPN has been an established player in the Virtual Private Network space since 2007 and presently serves more than one million customers. I wouldn’t normally lead off an app review with a description of the company, but when one of the primary functions of the app is to protect your privacy, the fact that they have ... Read More »