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Jun 11 AT 8:02 AM Nick Sarafolean 4 Comments

LG G Watch specs leak out, 36 hours standby time

There’s plenty on the Android horizon to keep us excited, but one of the most intriguing things is Android Wear, the OS designed for wearable devices. One of the first Android Wear products is the LG G Watch, which has leaked several times now. The latest batch of information brings us some more specs, which include a ... Read More »

LG G Watch

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Mar 27 AT 6:37 PM Nick Sarafolean 5 Comments

ASUS PadFone X specs announced

Since its reveal at CES, ASUS has remained mum on the subject of the PadFone X, the latest entry in its category of phones with tablet docks. That changes today, as AT&T has revealed the specs of the device. We still don’t know anything about pricing or availability, but hey, here’s a rundown of the ... Read More »

ASUS PadFone X