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Jul 22 AT 10:47 PM Dustin Earley 16 Comments

Moto X camera leak shows off gesture heavy UI

The camera app in stock Android is notorious for being rather lackluster. The controls can be wonky and there are very limited options. Compared to the TouchWiz and Sense camera apps, it’s simply not very good. Motorola has taken note of this, and will be using a custom camera app in the Moto X.

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Jan 03 AT 10:21 PM Taylor Wimberly 44 Comments

Google’s Holo theme required on Android 4.0 devices to gain access to Android Market

Today Google revealed that their Holo theme family must be included on devices running Android 4.0 or later if the device manufacturer wishes to meet the compatibility requirements and gain access to the Android Market and Google’s other apps.

This requirement will hopefully speed up platform updates for device manufacturers, allow app developers to spend ... Read More »