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Feb 09 AT 2:11 PM Sean Riley 0 Comments

Dropbox and Microsoft Office integration comes to Android tablets

In late November, Dropbox and Microsoft rolled out the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents directly from the Dropbox app and to access Dropbox files from within the Microsoft Office apps. However, at the time this functionality was limited to phones.

Today those same integrations are finally available to Android tablet owners. While access on ... Read More »


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Jun 06 AT 10:37 AM Nick Sarafolean 4 Comments

AT&T adds tablets to prepaid GoPhone service

Over the past year, tablets have gained a stronger footing on carriers, so much so that AT&T is doing something that’s previously unheard of. AT&T is now allowing select tablets to access its prepaid GoPhone service. Rather than signing a contract or having to pay for a traditional off-contract plan, AT&T is letting customers purchase data on a ... Read More »