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Aug 11 AT 4:29 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

LastPass now free on strictly smartphones or tablets

LastPass is a program that securely saves all of your passwords to the cloud and lets you access them from anywhere. You won’t have to remember passwords for all your accounts; just install the LastPass app and it will provide them for you on your computer or mobile device.

Starting today, LastPass can be started for free ... Read More »


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Jun 06 AT 10:37 AM Nick Sarafolean 4 Comments

AT&T adds tablets to prepaid GoPhone service

Over the past year, tablets have gained a stronger footing on carriers, so much so that AT&T is doing something that’s previously unheard of. AT&T is now allowing select tablets to access its prepaid GoPhone service. Rather than signing a contract or having to pay for a traditional off-contract plan, AT&T is letting customers purchase data on a ... Read More »