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May 27 AT 6:54 PM Brooks Barnard 0 Comments

4.8 Amp TYLT RIBBN Car Charger Review

Way back at the CES in January 2015, TYLT announced the 4.8 Amp RIBBN Car Charger, an obvious update to TYLT’s popular BAND charger. However, it only just recently become available for us to purchase, play with, and keep our devices charged and happy. TYLT sent us a RIBBN in our Android and Me favorite hue of green. We ... Read More »

Mar 13 AT 6:17 PM Brooks Barnard 0 Comments

TYLT VU Wireless Car Charger review

I really like wireless charging. I love the convenience of it, and it’s basically a deal breaker for me if a phone doesn’t have wireless charging these days. I like it so much I own all sorts of wireless chargers and have them all around my home and on my desk at work. I also spend ... Read More »


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Aug 07 AT 9:00 AM Dima Aryeh 10 Comments

Review: Tylt Alin screen protector

Applying screen protectors is an art. It’s difficult to do decently and nearly impossible to do perfectly. I’m actually very good at applying screen protectors (not to brag) but it’s such a hassle that I hate to do it. Tylt attempts to solve this issue with the Alin screen protector, and I gave it a ... Read More »

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