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Oct 01 AT 5:19 PM Nick Sarafolean 1 Comment

Verizon makes the wise decision and cancels its network throttling plans

Verizon, the carrier who has long worked to put an end to unlimited data, has just made the decision to cancel its network “optimization” plans that would include throttling for heavy unlimited 4G LTE data users when the network is congested. A couple of months ago, Verizon announced that it would begin network optimization to ... Read More »


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Apr 09 AT 12:05 PM Taylor Wimberly 297 Comments

Straight Talk denies hard cap on “unlimited data”, but fails to disclose when they throttle

Last year I briefly switched to TracFone’s Straight Talk SIM when I cancelled my Verizon contract, but I eventually left the service because of their undefined data policy. Straight Talk SIM offers a no-contract plan for $45 which includes unlimited talk, text, and data, but we all know that “unlimited” is never really ... Read More »