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Sep 12 AT 11:17 AM Taylor Wimberly 111 Comments

5 reasons you might switch networks and join T-Mobile

I recently ended my personal wireless contract with Verizon so I could have the freedom to use the phone and network of my choice, without any long term commitments. Verizon offers the best nationwide 4G LTE network, but I rarely needed the kinds of speeds they provided and they didn’t support the unlocked phones that ... Read More »


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Dec 23 AT 2:51 PM Nick Gray 68 Comments

Republic Wireless ditches ‘fair use policy’ and becomes first truly unlimited service provider

Looking for the best wireless service deal currently available? We suggest you take a second look at Republic Wireless. We’ve blogged about them a few  times, noting that the main drawback to the service provider’s “unlimited” data, sms and calling plan was that it wasn’t a true unlimited service. Republic Wireless had a ... Read More »

Republic Wireless
Sep 23 AT 8:45 AM Anthony Domanico 31 Comments

Spotify moves out of invite-only beta, offers six months of unlimited music

Spotify signed on as one of the leading musical partners at Facebook’s F8 conference yesterday. Users of the popular social media service will be able to listen to Spotify through their Facebook profile, which can share what you’re listening to with your Facebook friends.

Along with the Facebook-friendly announcement, Spotify has announced that ... Read More »