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Jul 24 AT 11:40 AM Dustin Earley 9 Comments

Google makes Android 4.3 official

After months of leaks from every corner of the web, Google has finally officially unveiled Android 4.3, another Jelly Bean refinement release before we presumably get to see Key Lime Pie sometime this Fall.

Visually, not a whole lot has changed in Android 4.3. Most of the changes are under the hood. New features in ... Read More »

May 29 AT 12:52 PM Dustin Earley 22 Comments

Google overhauls Gmail with automated sorting and new Android UI

Email is a blessing and a curse; it has completely changed the way we communicate, but it can be incredibly overwhelming. Email fatigue is very real, and it can be crippling to productivity. With some people getting tens to hundreds of emails a day, all lumped into one box, it can be hard to stay ... Read More »

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May 15 AT 3:27 PM Dustin Earley 45 Comments

Google updating Android without updating Android is the biggest news out of I/O 2013

Google used this year’s developer conference to announce a ton of new features and services available now and coming soon for Android. There is a new Maps experience; Google Play has been updated; Google Now is set to include more information; Google game services will enhance your gaming experience across phones, tablets and platforms; Google ... Read More »

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