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May 20 AT 2:46 PM Dustin Earley 22 Comments

Google Plus update brings the web’s best new features to Android

Last night, Google’s Vic Gundotra took to Google Plus to write that he was having a hard time falling asleep because he was excited about something that was set to happen today. This morning, like clockwork, a huge update for the Google Plus Android app was released with photography, location and discovery enhancements, putting the ... Read More »


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May 15 AT 3:27 PM Dustin Earley 45 Comments

Google updating Android without updating Android is the biggest news out of I/O 2013

Google used this year’s developer conference to announce a ton of new features and services available now and coming soon for Android. There is a new Maps experience; Google Play has been updated; Google Now is set to include more information; Google game services will enhance your gaming experience across phones, tablets and platforms; Google ... Read More »

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Nov 02 AT 4:10 PM Dustin Earley 43 Comments

Android 4.x close to 30% install base

The transition away from the old Android, anything below Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, has been slow and painful. It’s been a year since Android made the major shift away from the confused mess that was its earlier releases. Now it’s time to see just how many users are actually enjoying the more mature operating ... Read More »