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Mar 01 AT 11:21 AM Evan Selleck 1 Comment

HTC unveils Vive virtual reality headset with 360-degree room tracking in partnership with Valve

While smartwatches may be getting a lion’s share of attention these days, virtual reality is starting to make a comeback, and in a big way. You know it’s true because smartphone manufacturers want to get in on it, and that’s exactly what HTC is doing with its just-unveiled Vive virtual reality headset.

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image HTC Vive VR headset

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Dec 01 AT 4:15 PM Dima Aryeh 11 Comments

Razer Nabu launches tomorrow for $99.99

When the Razer Nabu was announced, the world of wearables was completely different. Since then, we’ve had the launch of Android Wear, which has changed wearable technology. These new devices run full Android and have pretty advanced functionality that offers more than just viewing notifications. But these smartwatches have also gotten increasingly expensive.

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Razer Nabu green