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May 03 AT 9:55 AM Clark Wimberly 46 Comments

Android and Me v3 is here!

As some of you know, we’ve been hard at work over the past month or two rebuilding the site to make things easier to find (and more sexy). Today we are finally proud to announce that over the weekend we launched the new site and that everything appears to be stable and in good working ... Read More »

Feb 02 AT 1:09 PM Clark Wimberly 31 Comments

New Android and Me mobile site live now

We leaked out a sneak peek yesterday on Droid Week, but as of late last night the new Android and Me mobile site is live and ready to use. Simply visit androidandme.com from your mobile device (currently supporting all Android devices and iPhone users who can’t help but lurk in our Android shadows).

Aug 14 AT 11:59 AM Clark Wimberly 9 Comments

WordPress on Android with wpToGo

Even a die hard Android fan can admit the iPhone still has tons of jealousy-inducing features. One thing I’ve been sorely missing is official WordPress support (the iPhone gets its own official app). For a while now I’ve seen a couple apps touting WordPress capabilities so today I thought we’d have a look at one of the most popular WordPress clients for Google Android, wpTogo.