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Jan 06 AT 12:18 AM Taylor Wimberly 18 Comments

ZiiLabs introduces “100-core” ZMS-40 SoC, still no actual products in sight

ZiiLabs has a track record of announcing impressive sounding processors, but they have failed for the most part at getting their chips into consumer devices. Today ZiiLabs continued that trend when they announced the “100-core” ZMS-40 system-on-a-chip (SoC), the follow-up to their “50-core” ZMS-20 that was revealed back in October.

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Sep 14 AT 1:43 PM Edgar Cervantes 10 Comments

ZiiLABS unveils the Jaguar3, thinnest Honeycomb tablet reference design

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a thin tablet, but it seems other manufacturers are determined to beat it. The new ZiiLABS Jaguar3 series, which measures only 8.1 mm at its thickest, will help them do so. It can actually be made as thin as 7.4mm, at an additional cost. Impressive, right?

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