1080p Displays; overkill or just what you want?

Posted Dec 16, 2012 at 1:55 pm in Threads > Opinions

Just a thought for a bit of friendly discussion;

With the release of the HTC DNA and the slew of rumoured and leaked 1080p display devices coming next year; what are your thoughts on this aspect of a phone?

Is it overkill and 720p is enough?
Would you prefer they work more on battery capacity? etc
Or shall we be greedy and want it all in one device (an ultimate Nexus? ;-P)

I have yet to see a 1080p screen at 5″ as I’m in the UK and unfortunately nothing for me to see here, so for those of you that have is it a great improvement or unnesscary?

For those of you who haven’t what do you think? 1080p yay or nay?

For me a 1080p screen sounds gorgeous, but not sure it is needed (added cost to purchase price of device, extra battery drain when straining gpu? how do apps look on it?)