3 Should be manufacturers magic number

Posted Apr 02, 2012 at 6:03 pm in Threads > Opinions

Android’s success has a lot to do with the fact that we have a large variety of devices to choose from, but it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. You buy a phone today and a newer version of that phone Is out within weeks, it tends to leave a bitter taste in the mouth of a lot of people and I see this as something that can hurt android in the long run.

HTC took the approach and decided to cut down on dishing out so many phones so often by creating their one series and it would be nice to see others follow suit. The rule of 3 would be perfect… 3 phones, 3 tablets, If you do things like this then updates will be easier to dish out for devices. You have your flagship phones and tablets being released first, then followed by the other 2 sets, instead of having (insert device name here) 7.8-plus-HD-mini.

Having only 6 devices each (3 tabs, 3phones) then release them months after each pair, 1phone, 1tablet every 4months, will give ppl time to enjoy their devices before they frown because they released the HD version 3weeks after, with doing this I see sales being better, and updates flowing much more faster if things work out that way. Sales aren’t as high as they should be because people have that “let’s wait until next week, I am sure something better will be out then” attitude when it comes to android devices, when you lose anticipation, you lose the hype, and interest of people.