Android peripherals. When will we see more?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 10:21 pm in Threads > Opinions

So i got the idea for this thread as i was at the gym today. Im looking around deciding which machine to run on and as i look at the more advanced ones with cable tv and among other things a specific hook up only for ipods. Just about every single piece of equipment in the gyms that has these peripherals are all for ipods/iphones. Now you can use a usb cable in some places but still doesn’t do what the connection for the idevice does. Now everyone might not like those or even use those but its kind of nice if i want to hook up my phone and control it from the treadmill while charging it as well. Its a nice feature to have. Now im talking mainly about the gym equipment but we all know that majority of items today are usually(key word)geared towards idevices. Granted i have seen some more adoption for android for example the popular maker of all kinds of i device peripherals ihome have just started making some items for android but still its limited.

I understand that the iphone had a head start and as we know is uber popular so it beat android to the punch. But my question to you the readers is this: Do you think android peripherals will ever match or dominate idevices in adpotion into other devices(i.e gym equipment) and if so when? Also what peripherals would you like to see for android go mainstream or just any peripherals in general? Lastly do you think there could be some kind of dual or universal option? Sound off in the comments.