Android today

Posted Jun 11, 2014 at 5:51 am in Threads > Opinions

Android enthusiasts will arguably say that Android is at a place now where it has plenty of breathing room compared to a few years ago when it was competing to make more than a name for itself. Today Android it’s self is in a position where dominance is no longer an issue and competition is faring well, even apple has to use design cues from Android to stay competitive and this year’s WWDC was more than proof that Apple knows it is losing ground and will be crushed if they don’t fare well under the intense pressure.

The amount of ever increasing OEMS that were once coming out of the wood works is now evening out and companies like LG and HTC are starting to even out the playing field against even Sammy it’s self. Some might disagree and say that numbers tell everything. True numbers do say alot, Samy has majority market share.. HTC although finally rebranding it’s self and starting to become widely notices again is still struggling. Motorola is even making waves. But some would say those are ripples compared to the tsunamis Samsung has been making.. And what about One Plus One? Well we don’t have to even go there.

The point is the market is being evened out, Android it’s self is even coming to a point where the dust is settling on its end of things, the same company who was only making ripples in the pond compared to the giant waves of Apple. Ripples is all it takes. Have you noticed that Android’s OS no longer requires a huge face-lift? Just subtleties here and there because no OS is perfect. Even Apple and Windows are starting to realize that. What worries me though, is that we might become to complacent and the worst might happen, our opponents who stand at the ready, waiting for us to turn our backs and become comfortable in an ever changing landscape. When they let loose we should be at the ready because there is someone else making ripples in our own back yard; Samsung and it’s proprietary software called Tizen. Though it might not sound like such a big deal and rumors are shut down every so slightly when they arise again, they come back with a vengeance every time (look at the Gear for example).
Android today, a magnificent masterpiece put together by its abundance of openness and acceptance of variety offered by many OEMS with many offerings from low end, mid range, (now being done right thanks to Moto) and high-end. I’m proud of the Android today and the steps it’s continuing to take with its subtleties and backed by the fierceness of its OEMS.

What do you think?