Android vs Apple..The user war…I am completely over it

Posted Sep 18, 2012 at 4:57 pm in Threads > Opinions

With the iPhone 5 being released…this beef has gotten completely out of hand.. I found it to be fun at first…but now its gotten rather repulsive and utterly stupid beyond belief…we have grown men completely arguing over which OS is better, it’s so bad now that it just feels like people are insulting each other’s mother.

Comment sections of literally every blog which the mention of either Android or IOS are disgusting with the amount of negative words thrown at ppl, it’s gotten to the point where they even are wish Ill will on a already dead Steve Jobs, while I am no fan, at least respect the dead.

I am done trying to wrap my mind about this vicious hate towards each other when at the end of the day we owe no obligation to either OS. This use to be fun wherew I could sit back and laugh at it, but people keep proving to me just how stupid, ignorant, and down right cruel they can be..and all this is over a mobile OS preference issue.

From now on I am trying my best to avoid sites like Engadget and the verge, because while I enjoy people’s opinion, it’s another thing when you’re just being a cunt just for the sake of being a cunt.