Best desktop replacement tablet?

Posted Jun 25, 2012 at 2:39 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hello. I know there are many articles on this on the web, but they are all different. I wanted to get your guys opinions on this. I am thinking of replacing my dieing iMac with an Android Tablet, instead of with another bazillion dollar Mac product. Also I do not like PC Windows anything really.

I already have a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″, and ICS does a great job at replacing my desktop. There are a few drawbacks though to the tab2 7. The screen in low resolution and a little too small, it needs more ports and the capability to run certain peripherals without a power source.

Basically I wondering what your guys opinions are on what the best Android Tablet for a power user would be. I would be using the tablet to draw, play games, use Photoshop, extract and move files, edit video, and all the typical stuff. I really want a tablet that has a high quality/high resolution screen as I may use photoshop to touch up files for work, and I hate fuzzy, blurry looking screens. I am even willing to consider the ipad if someone can tell me why (right now it seems like a very limited device to me).