Best Phone On Tmobile?

Posted Apr 27, 2012 at 3:54 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I am a tmobile customer currently. I have had a Mytouch 4g for about a year and a half. Somehow I got an upgrade after only a year. I’ve been waiting to see what phones come out. I’m curious what everyones opinions are on the best tmobile phones.

I have been wanting the Amaze 4G, I love HTC and the specs are great, android version doesnt matter because I will be rooting it and putting ICS on it haha. But also my friend Michael pointed out that HTC’s touch sensors sometimes arent that great. He prefers the Samsung Galaxy S2 and says I should go for that. Theres also the One S now but the problem I have with that is the non removable battery, I cant be tied to an outlet in the middle of the day. Theres also the galaxy nexus which would be 400 full price, or I could possibly wait a while for the Galaxy Note which has been seen in the wild or the Galaxy S3 which should come out around summer.

What are your guys’s opinions on tmobile phones?