Building your own Android device.

Posted May 24, 2012 at 1:39 pm in Threads > Opinions

I love computers,i also love building my own desktop computers/gaming rigs rather than buying the set built,why ?? most of you would know so skip the part below,but if you don’t,here are my main reasons ⇩⇩⇩

1- Pricing . Its ALOT cheaper if you are building your own gaming computer with the latest components than,buying that beautiful costly Alienware (beautiful brand) with the same specs.
2- Satisfaction . Whenever you want something,you want it for satisfaction,and you’d obviously be satisfied by picking your own components,rather than being forced into getting something you don’t want instead. (like brands using non-removable batteries,which i’m not ok with)
3- Satisfaction (after a fail of finding a suitable synonym decided to use it again),however satisfaction is so important,and i get satisfied when i use what I’ve built with my own hands,feels like you’ve achieved something that makes you really proud of.

So Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could build your own Droid device from scrap,like choose its form factor,display size (2.5-inch phone to a 10-inch tablet),display technology (OLED,LCD,etc..),processor (Exynos,Tegra,S4,etc…),battery life,storage size,camera,and so on.

I know that’s not gonna be possible any time soon,and might not even happen in the future,but lets say it was possible,would you support it ?? if no,why ?
…and if yes,post a comment of what you’d pack in your dream phone/tablet (try not to exaggerate though).

Here is a video to make the image clearer :

Credits go to MKBHD

Personally i’d choose The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro(cuz i’m a big fan of physical keyboards) ,packing a Tegra 3 processor,RAZR MAXX’s battery life,a super AMOLED HD display,HTC One X’s camera,decent front facing camera and stock ICS on board.

side note :btw this my 1st thread,so sorry if this thread’s arrangment is a bit messed up.