Cheapest way to buy the HTC One S

Posted Apr 25, 2012 at 1:45 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Right now, I have an HTC One S sitting on my desk, but it’s a review unit and I’ll have to pack it up in a few days to send it back to HTC. Ever since T-Mobile announced they would be carrying the one S, I’ve been planning on buying the phone to replace my G2.

Most people can simply walk into a T-Mobile store and buy the phone for $249.99, sign a two year contract, fill out the rebate form and get another $50 back in the mail. For me, an Even More Plus customer, things are a little more complicated.

If I want to keep my current rate plan (two phones within unlimited text and data for $99), I have to buy the HTC One S at full retail price – $599.99. Take a second look at that price. It’s $200 more than the pent-band Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is currently listed on the Play store.

Paying full price for the phone is out of the question. My plan is to purchase the HTC One S by opening a new account and then cancelling my service.

  • Phone cost $250
  • Activation Fee $35
  • ETF: $200

I should be able to save at least $100 by going this route, but it could jump by $100 if I purchase the phone from Best Buy which is selling the phone for $150 with no mail-in rebate. My only concern is that I’ve heard rumors that T-Mobile can charge a $350 ETF in some cases, but I have not found any documentation about the charge variance and T-Mobile customer service was not helpful on the issue.

Thoughts? Have any of you ever purchased a phone and then cancelled your account right away? Are there any other ways I can get the phone cheaper?