Cutting Corners and Sales

Posted Dec 21, 2012 at 6:54 pm in Threads > Opinions

OEMs seem to cut corners quite frequently. Sometimes it works and most times it doesn’t. I noticed it in all of the major OEMS.

For instance, Samsung’s Pentile screen have been a huge hit; and Pentiles are cheaper than a screen with the proper number of sub-pixels. Samsung uses plastic to make their phones and people love how their light their phones are (yet their screens are usually bigger than their competitors). Google also cut some corners to shave some dollars off the Nexus 4 (weak-ish speaker, barely any LTE on thing).

However, HTC isn’t so lucky. They seem to use smaller batteries and have forgone the microSD slot to achieve the same thickness (or thinness I guess) of Samsung’s phones. I’m sure they met blacklash over this. Not only that but HTC doesn’t advertise their phones enough anywhere as much as Samsung and Apple, thus people will not notice them much no matter how good their devices gets. I fell if you are not advertising your own products enough, you are essentially telling consumers that your device is not as “premium” as the next one. How else do you explain HTC not being successful despite making the device with the best screen and build quality?

When it comes to advertising, Motorola is the worst. Does Motorola even make their own commercials, it feels like all Droid related commercials are for Verizon’s benefits only. Not only that, Motorola phones don’t have the best camera experience as well.