Posted Apr 20, 2012 at 12:48 pm in Threads > Opinions

android fanboy

All of us know of it and some of us are guilty of it.

I’ve had my share of discussions with people about their take on the competitor. In most cases it’s Android vs Apple. Some arguments are an easy win others become more of a fight for explaining your logic. Although all of them are just for fun ;)

The most interesting remark I’ve heard was about the new ipad. He thought that it had a quad-core CPU so when we talked about it he was super excited. I told him, “The new ipad has a quad-core GPU, not a quad-core CPU. The CPU still has the same clockspeed and # of cores.” He replied, “Why would you even need a quad-core CPU!?!? That’s just overdoing it.” Same guy, “Android wasn’t usable until Ice Cream Sandwich. They are just now starting to catch up.” That was the icing on the cake and I realized it’s hard to argue with stupidity.

Another guy I talked to (gamestop employee, kinda old) said he had trouble using android. He also said that the manufacturer skins made it even harder to use.

It just seems like some people practice blind favoritism. They don’t even know what the other side is up to but they still bash the S@()*$t out of it.

I would love for everyone to be happy with their choice (everyone made the right decision!) but when some people garner such a bashful attitude it hurts inside a little bit :(

My questions for you guys:

  • What are some of the debates / arguments that you guys have been in?
  • What’s some of the weirdest remarks you’ve heard during one?
  • What are some of the best points you pose during an argument?
  • Do you posses an aggressive behavior towards other OS owners or a more accepting / thoughtful behavior?
  • Do you follow news other than Android?
  • Do you own devices other than Android?

Any other comments would be much appreciated ;)