Flashing a custom ROM on a Galaxy device?

Posted Dec 31, 2012 at 4:41 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hi guys,

So I know this was long overdue but it wasn’t until last night that I decided to root and try to flash a custom ROM onto my now, one-and-a-half year-old Galaxy S2. My experience with custom ROMS was based solely on my Nexus One and slightly with a Nexus 7. Both cases, most flashing was done using ClockworkMod.

I rooted with no issue using Odin using a custom Kernel using a SiyahKernel v4.01. However, what confuses me is with Samsung devices, it seems there is 3 different methods to flashing:

1) Odin
2) Mobile Odin (essentially the same thing I guess..but I’m still a little fuzzy about the details0
3) CMW

Which method are you suppose to use? I haven’t tried CyanogenMod 10 yet, but I did try Resurrection Remix Rom and Rainbow Rom, respectively:




I used CMW this morning to flash Resurrection ROM and I bricked my Galaxy s2 after wiping and clearing cache and dalvic cache. Does it possibly have something to do with me trying to dual boot a jelly bean rom (secondary rom) with a stock ICS rom (primary)? Are ICS kernels compatible with jelly bean roms?

Also, can someone please let give me a quick run-down on the differences and when to use the different methods?