Goodbye AAM..

Posted Jul 22, 2013 at 2:06 pm in Threads > Opinions

A lot of you are probably wondering why I’m making a thread just to say I’m leaving and probably asking why doesn’t it even matter.. And while I started to write long drawn out list of reasons why I’m leaving.. I will be positive in noting that all though my rankings may tell a different story.. I am a veteran member of the AAM community.. Active for two years and coming here for a while longer before I joined.. The intriguing part about this site wasn’t the amount of news posts being pumped out.. But because we were our own.. A small community loyal to AAM… No massive amounts of down votes because of a contest… And we were much louder in terms of comments and activity on this site before hand.. I will admit.. The last tetra giveaway was crazy.. I waited two months before receiving my nexus 7 and the Wimberley’s were no where to be found during that time.. Everything stood still after that.. And then we got acquired by a great team and became apart of something bigger.. But even with all of what’s going on now.. It’s not AAM it’s phonedog.. And I love there sites.. I think they are awesome.. They have some big shoes to fill in before they can fully say they did justice to what we claim as our own.. But still I give them credit for taking on such a beast of a site.. A premium site and community.. I just feel like what was before is gone.. What I mentioned before.. And don’t get me wrong.. I’m not trying to offend anyone.. It’s just my feelings.. I had to express them.. But the that awesomeness just isn’t there like it used to be mm the awesomeness in feeling like I was a part of a small community of loyal AAM members who were active like crazy and making this site a site that other sites dreamed of being.. Maybe I’m off my rocker.. And I’ll accept criticism.. Harsh or not.. Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way.. And like I said.. I still think phonedog media is doing an awesome job.. I’ll still be floating in and put from time to time..