Google Music gripes

Posted Aug 29, 2012 at 10:16 am in Threads > Entertainment

I’ve been meaning to try out new music apps for my phone, but given that I don’t have a micro-SD slot (Nexus S), putting all my music on my phone is not an option. And I haven’t been ready to pay for a service yet (I might soon be with my new job). Anyway, because of those reasons, it’s been a fight between Google Music and Amazon MP3, and let’s face it, Google Music wins hands down.

But using the app for extended periods of time, I’ve come across some pretty big gripes that I have for the software.

Can’t edit album info or song info in-app
This is probably the biggest gripe. I’m usually listening to music on the go, and I usually find something wrong when I’m listening to music (again, on the go), so if I could edit the info when I see it, that would be so great for both my library’s and my mind’s sake. Unfortunately, you can only do this from the web app.

Can’t delete songs or albums from app
This is pretty similar, except it’s almost worst. I can understand not being able to edit a track on a mobile; there could be some pretty bad things that could happen while doing this. But not allowing us to delete songs or albums that appear on the app that showcases our music is just ridiculous.

Better info/stats for music
Pretty basic. I’d just like to see more info from the app. Total song count, song details (format, size, etc.), album details, etc. Telling us how many songs is in a playlist is pretty standard, IMHO.

Better desktop app
The desktop app is just meant to track your library of music and that’s it, I get that. But it could use some refinements too. Like remembering which album I’ve deleted from the web app to not put it back in. This is a fairly small one, but a few fixes wouldn’t hurt either.

If you have a few yourself, chime in in the comments. Or yell at me and tell me how I should be using the app instead of complaining about it here.