Google Voice & T-Mobile

Posted Apr 01, 2013 at 4:27 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Now that T-Mobile is doing away with contracts, should Google capitalize on this with Google Voice?

I was thinking about this earlier when I forgot I couldn’t send an MMS (I’m with t-mobile prepaid, ported my no. to GV). Google could really advertise Google Voice if they prettied it up a little bit.

To me, it seems you have to be a little versed with Google/Android to even understand how the prepaid & GV Number Port will work. I knew about it through this site & did my own research.

To me, I think if Google focused a little more on Google voice, they could capitalize on people going for T-Mobile’s prepaid. It’s $20 per ported number & I’m sure Google uses the information collected to gain some revenue somewhere.

What would the differences between off-contract & prepaid be anyway except paying at different times of the month? The T-Mobile plan would allow you to buy your phone off a payment plan but I was thinking Google could have prepaid users focus on buying the phones sold off of the Google website

What do you guys think? Am I digging too deep into this? Or, could Google very well capitalize on this and start becoming synonymous with prepaid plans?