Happy Birthday to the G1. Who Else Wants to See a True Update 4 Years Later?

Posted Oct 23, 2012 at 1:43 am in Threads > Opinions

I mean seriously, look at that beauty. I had one of these babies on day one four years ago and I still haven’t used a phone that I enjoyed as much as this thing. I still compare every phone to the G1. I got mine custom laser engraved when I was at CES that year, awesome stuff. I fucking LOVED having a physical keyboard, and that trackball is still awesome.

So, what if we saw a real update to the G1 today? Am I crazy to think that I wouldn’t be the only person lining up to get one, if it were done right? The obvious upgrades would be a nice flashy big screen, with the latest CPU/GPU and all that noise. It would obviously have to be a Nexus device.

The physical keyboard with the screen that slides up would have to be one of the defining features of the device. I would be sad to see them go, but understand that the physical buttons would be gone and replaced with the pseudo-on-screen touch buttons that are standard for all the new phones. Though, I think it would be really cool to see the track ball come back. I also think it would be a good upgrade to have the whole top layer slide up instead of leaving the chin with the physical buttons behind. And it would absolutely need to have a full 5-row keyboard, none of that 4-row shit from the G2, gross. I would also love to see a multi-colored LED notification, I am a big fan of those.

So, who else here had a G1 back in the day? Did you guys love it as much as I did? What would be some must-have features that a true successor to the G1 would need to have?