Have You Tried Action Launcher?

Posted Dec 13, 2012 at 9:48 pm in Threads > Apps

Hey guys,

As I was supposed to be doing one of my many essays for finals I decided to shell out the $3.99 for the new Action Launcher on the Play Store. After toying around with it for a good 30 minutes, I must say, WOW, it runs fluid so far on my S3, notably switching between my windows and more specifically, opening up the left panel to the entire apps tray and quickly scrolling to my desired app.

I also dig the minimalist design of the launcher, and quickly got used to the top bar which has access to the Play Store, Voice Search, and Settings.

It sounds like a lot of moolah for a launcher, but I would say so far that I’m satisfied with my purchase. Will definitely use it during the weekend. I think it’s very innovative and having such quick access to the apps in the tray certainly sounds like it will be a time saver.

Gonna tinker with the new Covers feature, too, which allows folders for apps to have their own shortcuts – i.e., having specific contacts in the Phone folder.

Have any of you tried it out?