Help me pick the best (Verizon) phone for my wife…

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 11:26 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

My wife is a social worker. She rarely works out of the office; usually just works from her car. She has built-in bluetooth and a navigation system in her car, though, if we found the right phone, her now 8 year old car could be replaced with one without it.

She likes a physical keyboard, because she types a lot to look up stuff on the internet or to type up notes for work. That being said, she would consider an on screen keyboard (I think she’d like swype).

Speed probably isn’t as important to her as battery life.

Here are my thoughts:

(a) stick with what she is familiar with – Droid 4 (she currently has a droid 2)
(b) Razr Maxx (bigger screen real-estate for on-screen keyboard and good battery life)
(c) Hope the Galaxy Note (or something like it) comes to Verizon (as I said, she usually talks via Bluetooth, so size as a phone is not likely a big deal)

Thoughts? Anything I am missing?

She isn’t big on customizing her screens, so I am not sure Motoblur or Sense is a negative for her.

Thanks for the advice!