How many Operating Systems do you use on a regular basis?

Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 12:20 pm in Threads > Opinions

Don’t get me wrong – as much as I love the ‘Droid, like most of us we can’t (or won’t) use it for every device you have.

The other day an Apple fan was saying that he was proud of being a pure Apple experience guy, hating having to deal with more than one operating system. After pointing out he was using both iOS and OSX, I got thinking about how many I use in my daily life, and was wondering where you are on yours:

Windows – Home desktop (Win7); Work Laptop & Workout Laptop (WinXP)

Blackberry OS – Cellphone (work-provided)

Android OS – Portable Media Player (Gingerbread); Tablet (Jelly Bean)

Not counting whatever OS runs my car, home theatre, home applicances, or elevators of course. :P Other more common options I suppose include OSX, iOS, Chrome, Windows Phone, Symbian, and various Open OS flavours.

What’s your mileage?