HTC Droid DNA – the new King of Android?

Posted Dec 08, 2012 at 6:32 pm in Threads > Opinions

After reading Nick Gray’s rather stellar review of the DNA, HTC’s latest handset really seems to be setting the bar high for Q1 2013. For me, the hardware on this device really puts it streaks ahead of anything out right now: killer screen (for me, the most important feature on a smartphone), snappy processor and some neat optics are woven together in gorgeous unibody casing. Surely this is the phone to beat until either the update to the One X or the Galaxy S IV…

…or is it? Is there anything that you would choose over the DNA? Is this just a (rather apt) bookend to 2012 without much to shout about once you’ve had the 2,073,600 pixels burnt into your vision-holes?