Hubs for Tablets, the way they should be.

Posted Apr 03, 2012 at 12:20 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Like alot of people, I jumped on the HP Touchpad firesale. Not because I loved webos (though it is a very good OS and I use it more than I thought I would), but because of the promise of an affordable android tablet. It was a great investment, especially at the price.

But for a long time I have felt as though android on a tablet, even with ICS, was missing something. It just didn’t fit right. It didn’t translate to the bigger screen well, if at all. I used at most three home screens, and two of them really went unused. And the widgets were lacking, which should be android’s strongest point. It’s what the ipad will never seem to have.

I was satisfied enough with the experience for the price I paid, but the more I used my android tablet the less I could see ever paying $300 to $600 for it. Until I came across hubs.

Hubs on a tablet is a layout theme that completely transforms the way you go about using and navigating your tablet. Here’s a few sample picture of mine (that I’m still tweaking).


One of the things to note is that I’m using multipicture livewallpaper to give every “hub” a different background, and those different backgrounds cycle. Keeping them fresh. You’ll also notice the bar throuh the middle labeling each hub. Those labels work as navigation to jump straight to, say games. And there’s an invisible button that lets me jump straight to the games I have loaded on my tablet. (Pictured here to explain better).


These hubs have brought new life to my tablet. And I have t thank XDA user fliparsenal for putting together an excellent tutorial on putting the layout together. Be warned, this takes awhile. I think I spent two hours setting it up initially, and I still feel like there’s more to do to give it a more complete feel. But it’s worth the time, and I’ve linked the tutorial below. I’ve also linked a youtube video showing hubs in action.

Do you think hubs are a good idea? Or not worth the time? Are you already using a hubs like layout? (Post screenshots!) Or something better? Or do you just think I’m completely wrong and ICS works great out of box without any such efforts. Let me know.

Source: XDA hubs tutorial
Youtube: Hubs video