Introduce yourself

Posted Apr 11, 2012 at 1:26 am in Threads > Assignments

I’ve met a lot of great friends over my time being on tons of forums in the past, so I figured, it would be nice to be familiar with everyone on here, old and new, considering we all can’t go through each others androidandme profile to know more, I’ll start here.

Name: Kevin.
I am 23
I live in New York City
I am an artist/graphic designer and Web Designer in training
My previous phone was the T-MOBILE G1
My current phone is the T-MOBILE SAMSUNG GALAXY SII.

Why androidandme: I honestly can’t find another android site where majority of the ppl are laid back and are as friendly, plus the layout of the Site just keeps me coming back.

Fun fact about me is that besides being obsessed with modding and hacking my phone, I am pretty much obsessed with anime.