Invitation to the “Nothing But Android Challenge” May 28-June 1

Posted Apr 28, 2012 at 2:38 pm in Threads > Assignments

I propose a challenge for the week of May 28 – June 1: Use only Android devices (two exceptions).

For the week of May 28 – June 1 I plan on using only my Android devices: no iOS, no PCs, no linux (exception one: my Droid Bionic when docked in its lapdock). I plan on documenting, in this thread, my successes, frustrations, and outright failures as often as possible.

There is a second exception and that is the fact that I can’t lose my job – I unfortunately need to use a PC at work but I will limit ALL my activities to just work functions (that is, I will not surf the web on my PC which is 99% of the personal activity I do on my work PC).

More challenging for me will be to not touch the iPad which mostly acts as our television in the bedroom allowing us to watch network television through their respective apps. I have a Transformer but the web based flash players are not as good as the iOS apps. I suspect on more powerful devices, they would work just fine. The lacking feature of iPads is configuration options – I love my lapdock and my Transformer because they are so innovative!

I would like to recruit two or three comrades for moral support. Anyone willing to do this with me? My wife is not going to be a fan so anyone who can commiserate with me is welcome!

As Barney Stinson says:

Challenge Accepted