Kickstands, are they really that great?

Posted Apr 05, 2012 at 10:45 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I had the OG Evo 4G. (Before the name got as long as the epic touch…)
I have the Evo 3D. And I remember bemoaning when the 3D was announced. No kickstand? But I used it all the time! And it’s perfect for the 3D!

So my initial reaction was that the return of the kickstand was a great thing. But now I’m wondering, is it? As I thought back to my use of the kickstand on the OG Evo, it was handy. It was. Except… the speaker situation. Everytime I used the kickstand and set the phone down, I lost the ability to hear. I’d end up using index cards, paper, anything, to curve around the back of the Evo and redirect the sound towards me.

I could have worn headphones, but if the point was to show a video to others that was out.

So I’m left wondering, will it really be that great to have the kickstand back? Easy viewing with hard hearing? What do you think? What are your solutions to this problem? Do you even think it’s a problem?