Mizuu is my favorite app for my movie collection!

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Mizuu is my favorite app for my Xoom Tablet and I always recommend it to all of my friends when I switch or introduce them over to Android. When I came home from my Iraq deployment I had a big DVD collection of about 500 DVDs. These kept me entertained throughout the deployment but it was a hassle trying to find a good movie that I wanted to watch. I converted my DVDs into avi files that would play on my Xoom and computer without a glitch using DVD CATALYST. DVD Catalyst also supports Android and has conversions for any devise you may own on Android or Apple or anything really. But back to my favorite app on Android, it does not have many downloads but I highly recommend it to everyone. I’m going to take his line from the market to better explain the app. “Mizuu helps you gather and manage all your favorite movies and shows on your Android device. It’s easy to use and it’s constantly being updated with more features, improved functionality and lots of other improvements. All updates are naturally free of charge. The rich graphical user interface looks beautiful, and it’s even been designed to take advantage of the large screen estate of tablets, if you’re using such a device.” Cover Art CollectionThe developer has always responded back with any issues I might of had within seconds, and I do mean seconds, like I put my phone down and 15 seconds later I hear my notification with a response from him. He is very dedicated to his app and continues to make updates.
The app has many great features like pulling the Cover Art of your movie from IMDB allowing you to choose which cover art you would like but it automatically does it for you when you first update all your movies. It also gives you a brief description of the movie and also allows you to watch the Trailer of the movie.
I really haven’t had any complaints with the app since every time I do I just have to ask the developer for help or make a request and he responds back with a legit answer and why something’s cannot be implemented. He gives you the developer’s point of view. I’ve rated his app a 5 and so have many others, out of 173 rating he has 147-5 stars but today for this Thread I would rate the app a 9.5 just to encourage the developer that theirs always room for improvement. I’m not a writer but I did this just so others could also enjoy this app, and like I’ve said before I’ve made this recommendation before on this site but saw this as a better opportunity to do it on this Thread and of course try and win a NEXUS 7 BABY! Oh and he also has his own blog at mizuu.tv to add suggestions for future updates and recommendations. I also use MX Player as my default movie player.


  • wirpo032

    Interesting; But it does seem strongly optimized for tablets only. Plus I was unable to find a list of codecs and containers it could play.

    And appearantly, it won’t work with my DesireHD

    • Michell Bak

      Hey, I’m the developer of Mizuu. It’s definitely optimized for tablets, but I’m working a lot on making stuff better for phones as well. I do however think that tablets are better suited for this kind of application, being that they are mainly used for media consumption.

      It’s Android 3.0 only, so that’s why your Desire HD isn’t compatible.

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

    It uses your own choice of Movie Player, i use MX player. And Currently he is only focusing on JellyBean.

    • Carlos icee0711

      I am using this set up too on a phone and even then its pretty enjoyable. I have quite a few movies and I love Mx player for the ability to play anything but I didn’t like its main screen. This app fixed this so thanks for posting it!

      • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

        Yup i had the mxplayer alone and i couldnt surf through the movies like this. And I also have a lot of shows and this lets sorts them out great by season and episode. Its a must have for me.

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

    :) See quick response from the developer.

  • kilmas

    that is a good movie collection

    • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

      You should see when i connect my external to it. Its huge!!!!! (thats what she said)

  • philnolan3d

    I saw an app like this recently. I don’t really get the point in it.

    • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

      The point of it is to organize your movies, like on your computer there is XMBC. But if you dont have a digital movie collection there is no use for it. There is actually a few others Ill look them up, but none are as polished as this one ;)

      • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

        MovieBrowser UPnP for Tablet is the other one I have purchased ( I like to support developers), this one is a little different, instead of having your movies stored in your tablet you can use UPnP. Ive only used it once to stream my movies from my computer to the tablet but found it better to use Mizuu becasue the look was better on it. UPnP was cool but i dont like leaving my computer on. And XMBC is suppose to make an app also but the previews for it dont look as great as Mizuu.



  • andeanlogic

    hope apple, netflix, or uhh…. xbox live… um, samsung, yeah dont patent lawsuit ur bottom line.

    • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

      They have bigger fish to fry, at most they will get 10 bucks out of me.

  • Kingsigel

    Thanks for the app. I downloaded the app just to check it out and it is nice. I have an asus transformer prime and it works wonders. My nine year old daughter likes changing the movie cover to the spanish versions to throw me off and she also uses the the youtube preview often to know if the movie is kid friendly. So when i got tired of her on mine i put it on her htc flyer and it still works fine too bad htc abandoned the flyer but all in all thanks its nice tosee people outside of the editors giving good advice on apps.

    • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JO7b1Ck47aQEDj18KITtDo-UqYBOLeP6nzuQmVQDO8o?feat=directlink Gomez

      I had high hope for the Flyer when it was coming out but disappointed with it. The new HTC tablet looks good. Hopefully you like the app as much as me.