Need a new lock screen notification app.

Posted Oct 02, 2013 at 11:11 am in Threads > Apps

So, earlier this year I upgraded from the Galaxy Nexus to a GS4. Overall I love it and I don’t regret upgrading at all. I’ve always used Nova launcher, so I don’t have to deal with TouchWiz much. The only feature I really miss from stock that I can’t get with Nova is the lockscreen notifications. The TouchWiz lockscreen is horrible, and I want to replace it. Please help me find an app that will meet my needs!

Specifically, I need the app to be able to:

-Allow quick camera and Google Now access right from the lockscreen.
-Show the date and time nice and big when I tap the lock key
-Show new text messages and gmails like the stock unlock screen. This is the most important feature. I want to be able to read and respond to texts from the lock screen.

I’ve already tried numerous “Stock JellyBean Lock Screen” apps from the market, and I’ve either had performance issues, or they haven’t been able to do the 3 things I mentioned above.

Thanks for your help A&M community!