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Posted Feb 26, 2013 at 3:55 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hi All,

Well it is time for me to get some new gear. I have been looking around but I am still pretty much in doubt.

At the moment I am in the market for some new gear (phone and tablet). But because there is so much hardware available I am just unable to find / determine what to buy. So I thought why not try and ask it on the forum. I am an android software developer so besides using my device for daily use I also use it for testing my software. So here is what I would like:

The Phone
Old Devices
So a bit of device history to give you all a better indication of what I bought in the past.
- Nexus S (current device, it’s oke battery life is pretty good (could be btter), but it lacks updates now :(. Running CyanogenMod).
- HTC Magic (old device, still used for testing, worked pretty good but a bit small and slow).

As indicated before I use my phone for daily activities: calling, texting, browsing (researching) and watching some video’s. I would probally classify myself as a medium user.

So what would I like in a new device. Below some features I would like:
- Bigger Screen
- Faster (Better Processor, would prefer Quad or better but not sure how a dual core preforms)
- Good Battery Life (Should at least last for a full day)
- Bluetooth / GPS (well I guess all devices have this)
- RAM (would prefer 2 GB but I guess 1 would be enough (not sure about this))

Devices I Found
Looked at the following devices but just not sure:
- Samsung Galaxy Note II (Like the memory and speed but not quite sure about the screen size it looks and feels a bit to big for regular usage (calling)).
- Samsung Galaxy S3 (Lovely device but not quite sure about the samsung interface and update support. Also not sure about the 1 GB RAM).
- Samsung Galaxy S4 (Spec’s look promissing but not sure if it is worth the rumored price, and it’s not yet available)
- HTC One (M7?) (Well the device is lovely and specs looks pretty nice but again the Sense interface would it be good for development).
- Nexus 4 (It isn’t that available but still specs look oke and its pure google :). But have heared some bad stuff about the device).

The Tablet
Old Devices
I do not currently own a tablet but have borrowed a Samsung Tab 10.1 and I must say its pretty good.

Well this device will mainly for development purposes so I will test various games / applications on it. Besides that I will probally take it to the office to write some notes / quikly look up some information. Mainly on Wifi (or will use phone for tethering).

Not sure about this yet just a nice battery life and a nice processor.

Devices I Found
Looked at the following devices but just not sure as I am pretty new in the tablet market:
- Nexus 7 / 10 (Nice device all I can say but not sure about speed etc)
- Galaxy Tab 2
- Sony Xperia

Besides a tablet and phone I would like a nice gadget just for fun was thinking of getting a sony smartwatch. Any thoughts about this?

Well budget isn’t really the issue but would like a nice set. Anything up to 1000 bucks would be oke.

With kind regards,