Where are the rumors for the new nexus phone?

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 5:13 pm in Threads > Rumors

Well let me start by saying that I actually don’t have any new rumors about one of the most expected phones. Actually that’s the exact reason I’m starting this thread: the lack of rumors. It’ already past mid-August and we know very little about this phone. It’s going to be made by Samsung. There may be more than one device. And that’s pretty much it. So do google and samsung becoming more like apple in keeping there products very secret until they want a leak or this is due to the fact that next nexus phone will be pretty much like sIII with little tweaks here so there is nothing exciting to leak. What do you think?

Also I need to replace my atrix so this is the phone I’m waiting for. If there are any rumors you can share them here too.