Nexus 4 32gb in Google I|O 2013?

Posted Dec 06, 2012 at 1:05 pm in Threads > Opinions

As much of you may know, Google I|O 2013 will take place in May. So, maybe we’ll see a Nexus 7 2 (?), a brand-new android release, like, Android 5, but the thing i REALLY like to see is a 32gb Nexus 4. 16gb is fine for some people, but i dont want to feel like i’m trapped in a box with 16gb, i need space.

Like it happened with the Nexus 7, it could happen with Nexus 4, 8Gb version out, 16gb 300$ and 32gb 350$.

  • Do you think google will anounce a 32gb model for the I|O 2013?
  • Do you think it’s posible?
  • Will you buy it?