[Opinion] What’s the Point of Owning a Nexus Phone?

Posted Sep 21, 2012 at 10:57 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

So, Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus finally received Jelly Bean 4.1 this week and while we all know the problems with VZW’s “Nexus” it made me realize something:

There is no real advantage in having a Nexus over other top of the line phones

It’s not the hardware
Now, don’t get me wrong I love the idea of the nexus line, however the honest truth is that Android phones quickly become outdated. When a Phone like the Galaxy Nexus came out last year it didn’t have that great of hardware. In fact, last years nexus was kind of a disappointment on the hardware side. The Motorola razor, HTC One X, and more recently the Galaxy S3 quickly outdated the Nexus in all aspects of hardware.

Quick Updates are Pointless to Flashers
Chances are that if you buy a Nexus you unlock the bootloader, and root it within hours of powering it on. If you unlock and root it, then chances are you flash CM, AOKP, or some other rom. That is great for nexus owners to be able to unlock/root their phones, but the truth is most other high end phones can easily be unlocked/rooted as well, even the Verizon Galaxy S3 (Thanks to a great development community!). In some cases it’s even easier to unlock the bootloader on a nonnexus phone (e.g. VZW S3 has an app that unlocks/locks it with one button). All these phones that can be unlocked and rooted like the Nexus also have great support for the same roms as the Nexus. For example, see if you can determine what phone I have based the screen shots below:

Having issue posting an actual picture to this thread so here is a link to my g+ album with the pics:
View Screen Shots Here

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If you guessed Galaxy S3 then kudos for you!!

My point is that my phone is not a Nexus phone, yet it has all the advantages of a Nexus phone plus amazing hardware.

Quick Updates are Important to Nonflashers?
Here is my answer to this:
If someone has a Nexus and doesn’t unlock the bootloader and root it then what’s the point of having a Nexus. Furthermore, if that person doesn’t unlock and root their phone they probable don’t know what JB is until the update is pushed to their phone.

So what are the advantages of having a Nexus? Currently I don’t see any, but lets hope this years batch of Nexus phones blows all other phones out of the water and proves me wrong!

And please, feel free to prove me wrong about the Nexus phones. Seriously.