[Opinion/Warning] Verizon Is Trying To Scare You Into A Tried Data Plan

Posted Dec 08, 2012 at 2:20 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Anyone here still cling on to that unlimited data plan so you can tether your tablet, and not be a paranoid when updating apps? Yeah, me too… If you are one of the lucky few to still have unlimited you may have noticed the free text messages and emails being sent to you warning you of your Anytime Minuts usage (see below).

Dont know how to upload a personal photo to this thread so here is the link to a publicly shared photo on my G+:

Dont be fooled by Verizons sleasy tatcits to get you to jump ship to a tryed data plan where you will have unlimited anytime minutes and a puny 2GB of data to share with everyone else on your plan.

My next warning is more of a story that is actually quite funny.

My mom decided she wanted a smart phone last month so I took her to the vzw store to get her an upgrade. Once we finally decided on the Razor M the sales guy gave me his pitch on tried data (my brother and I are on the same plan and still have unlimited data). Here what he said:

“Looking at your account I can see that you used less than half a GB on average over the past three months. With tried data plan you will get unlimited anytime minutes and you wont ever reach your 2GB limit.”

Being the avid android user I am (Constantly flashing roms, trying new apps, uploading pics on the go, and so on) I knew this guys was full of shit. I quickly busted out my Galaxy S3 and pulled up my data usage in the setting to she him that in the current month I was already over 3GB. You can just imagine the look on his face as he quickly claimed there must be something wrong with the data bing pulled on the computer he was using.

So when you get the text message “Warnings” in increments of 25% for your minute usage, just ignore them. And if you go in to update someone else on your plan or to check out a phone be prepared to prove the sales guy or girl wrong.