Piracy on Android.

Posted Aug 21, 2012 at 9:10 am in Threads > News

So I came across this article due to me following mad finger games on twitter, and while I was reading all I could have said was.. Wait Wtf? The article got me really pissed because from my knowledge iOS piracy is just as bad, granted you might need to jailbreak in order to “side load” apps, but this article just makes iOS seems like a safe house compared to android.. Majority of my iOS friends will tell me about getting free apps while as for my Android user friends they don’t even know how or where to even search. I am really iffy about dead Trigger being pirated so much that they had to make it a free app, shadowgun is a better game and it’s cost almost 7bucks so where is the high piracy rate for a game that people would more than likely not pay for because of the price, dead Trigger was only a dollar,yet that happened.

Check out the article of them complaining about games being pirated.

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Side note: let’s not forget that the main reason why people even pirate games isn’t because they can’t avoid it, but mainly due to the fact that it’s not available for their respected country,so they’re forced to download the apk itself for that reason. With Google gift cards coming, I am sure that can help solve some of the lesser reason why ppl pirate, example being them not having a credit card.