Screen Protector and CaseTheories

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 12:28 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’ve been debating back and forth (with myself) on the subject of screen protectors. I have a Droid X and for the first 18 months I was using the carbon fiber case and screen protectors. After removing my phone from the case so many times to do a battery pull or something like that, my case finally broke one of the tabs and wouldn’t stay on. I did away with it all together. And after removing the case and the phone was so clean, I decided to remove my old beat-up screen protector too.

I have been caseless and protectorless for approx 5 months and despite semi-rugged use, the phone and screen show no wear. I was curious how many people don’t use either or both of these, what kind of abuse your phone puts up with, and if you would suggest it to others?

About Me: I take care of any and all electronics. I have a desk job 40 hours a week but also rock climb 3 times a week and my phone accompanies me. Coffee has been spilled on it and it has been dropped in cake icing (both by others) and I’m not sure how much to attribute to the case and protector.

Input would be very usefull being that I am due for an upgrade in the coming month/s.