Shared party playlist- Nexus Q or Sonos + Tablet?

Posted Aug 30, 2012 at 8:02 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Hey guys, I’m having some folks over and I want to setup a way to let everyone contribute to the playlist throughout the night and I thought it might be fun to take votes on the best way to do it. My two options:

Use a Nexus Q

With a Nexus Q, anyone with an Android phone (a good portion of my guests) will be able to queue up music. Drawback? Everyone has to install the Nexus Q app and add my hardware (a process that sometimes isn’t as simple as it sounds). I also imagine that there will be a lot more ‘playlist jacking’ as people add tracks without noticing what’s on deck.

Use my Sonos setup with a central Transformer Prime

With my Sonos setup (a pair of Play:5 speakers and a Sonos Bridge), I can use my tablet as the central playlist control. My Sonos setup has access to my library, Pandora, Songza, and Spotify, so it should be able to handle all requests, people would just have to go to a central area to input them. The Sonos Controller app does a pretty good job of showing the playlist, and I think might lead to cleaner selections/queuing.

The Verdict?

Which system would you use if you wanted to give your guests control of the playlist? Is there another service/combo I’ve not listed here? I know there are some group listening web services but I want something that either runs simply on someone’s phone or at a central touch station. I don’t want anyone to have to “learn” anything to select music.

Basically, I want a digital jukebox. Thoughts?