Should Google help T-mobile?

Posted May 17, 2012 at 1:45 am in Threads > Opinions

Its no secret that t-mobile in the US is struggling and I was thinking~If Google could help T-Mo how could they?
Some people give T-Mo flack but personally (and as a customer) I think T-mo is the best carrier for android. Verizon is Verizon -__- AT&T really only cares about how many I-Phones they move and Sprint only advertises EVO phones. I think Google should throw T-Mo a bone. With their new unlocked nexus a good majority of those are most likely going to be activated on T-Mo since no one wants to be on AT&Ts bloated and bogged down network. So they are giving them some business but I really want Google to give something good to T-Mo, maybe a game changer? ‘
what are you guys thoughts?